Adhering To Regulations For Order Acceptance & Shipping


Ensuring consistent customer satisfaction is the goal of any business, including Konga Mall. Customers are the heart of any business and they are at their happiest when they are satisfied with the quality of products purchased and if their orders are delivered on time.

Here are a few guidelines towards keeping your buyers happy on Konga Mall:

ENSURE ALL NEW ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED WITHIN 24 BUSINESS HOURS – To respond faster to new orders that come in for your store, always check your mail and messages regularly. You can choose to do this on a timely basis – hourly for weekdays and every 3-4 hours for the weekends. However, before accepting any new order, double check that you have the item in stock and that it’s in good condition to be shipped to your buyer. Once you have confirmed the demanded quantity is in stock, you can accept the order. If however, you do not have the item in stock or the product available is in bad condition, REJECT or CANCEL the order. So to avoid negative feedback rating on your store as a result of rejection/cancellation, always update your inventory level with the available quantity you have in stock.

ENSURE ALL ACCEPTED ORDERS ARE SHIPPED WITHIN 48 HRS- The first step is to ensure you have set up your delivery settings and have various shipping options available. You can decide which carrier to work best with by trying out the different courier services available then make your decision based on accuracy and pricing. After you have decided on maybe two or three agreeable carriers, make sure you have them on speed dial. And after you have accepted an order, go ahead with the shipping processes immediately. While you have 48 hours to ship orders, you do not have to exhaust the hours. You can wow your buyers and convert them to loyal buyers when they receive their orders earlier than they envisaged. And to be sure your buyers always receive their orders on time, ensure to track your package until it arrives at the doorstep of your buyers.

Following these steps would definitely put a smile on your buyers’ face and help you avoid complaints and returns.

Remember- A happy customer is the best form of advertising, while an unhappy customer can cause maximum damage to your carefully acquired store image and credibility.


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