Steps to avoiding store suspension on Konga

As a Konga Merchant, it is crucial that you avoid being suspended as suspension disables your products from the platform which means NO SALES. Once a store has been suspended the products in the store automatically goes off the site. There are certain ways to avoid store suspension.

Merchant Shipped a Wrong/Fake Item: – If a seller ships a fake item, the item is usually taken off the site, in a case where the merchant’s ships fake items too occasionally, his/her will then be suspended.

Low Order Shipment Rate- As a merchant, you should increase your shipment rate by making sure you accept and fulfil all orders. The quicker a customer receives an ordered items, the more they would want to buy. Also it is necessary that you check your inventory and disable items that are out of stock, so you do not have to cancel orders.

Too many Orders in Arbitration- Arbitration is a process in which a dispute is reported, by agreement of the parties (seller and buyer), to an arbitrator (Konga) for resolution. Orders in Arbitration are orders currently under dispute by the buyers. Sellers should try to resolve Arbitration problems, too many arbitration issues can lead to store suspension.

Over-Due Invoice- If a seller does not pay the Commission due from sales after 3days of receiving an invoice, a seller is sent a warning, 7days after the warning has been sent the store gets suspended. Invoices would be sent out twice a month .i.e. every 14days.

Merchant is out of town- Sellers are allowed to request for suspension if they would not be available to handle their store.

Merchant has been unavailable for 48 hours- Sellers should try as much as possible to be available and reachable, if Konga tries to reach out to you as a seller and you are unavailable in 48hours your store goes into suspension.

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