Introducing the Customer Modeling Programme to Encourage Serious Purchases

We recognize that our position as Nigeria’s largest online mall is because of the support we have enjoyed from you and our customers over the years. For this, we are immensely grateful.

As we continue to grow and perfect our processes, we want our entire community of buyers and sellers to feel the warmth of a trusted and secure environment. We all have a role to play in keeping Konga the safest and most rewarding online experience in Nigeria.

To further maintain the credibility of the marketplace, we are proud to announce the implementation of our Customer Modelling Programme effective immediately. This programme is designed to differentiate model customers from non-model customers.


  • Use the information available on the platform (Product Review, Seller Ratings) to make informed decisions before purchasing items.
  • Are willing and able to communicate with the sellers and delivery companies to ensure fast order processing and delivery.
  • Are available at the agreed time and location to receive and pay for orders.
  • Are quick to confirm delivery has taken place and write reviews
  • Engage the customer care channels with genuine complaints

As we continually strive to support our sellers via K-express in the process of returning items that fall under all dispute types except for counterfeit/sub-standard items, Konga also has a zero tolerance policy against delivery of substantially different products to customers and the sale of counterfeit products. Disputes that fall into these categories are treated outside of the 24 hour resolution timeline.


  • Place orders with no real intention of paying or keeping these goods
  • Ignore seller communications, do not pick up calls from delivery companies or sellers, and generally do not communicate.
  • Deliberately make it difficult to complete the delivery, by changing times and locations or not providing proper/ adequate delivery information.
  • Ignore delivery confirmation requests.
  • Incessantly misuse the available communication channels.

We have further introduced certain privileges that will encourage more model customers to shop on the platform and discourage non-serious purchases. And going forward, only model customers will have the following privileges:

  • Access to incredible deals and all our best promotions
  • Have choice of payment and delivery options
  • Be the first to know about special one-of-a-kind events and promotions
  • Enjoy incredible levels of customer care

We have put all these in place so that buyers that deliberately go against our community principles, will find it increasingly difficult to enjoy the advantages the Konga community has to offer and ultimately face being banned from shopping on the platform.

We are quite certain this model will help reduce the number of non-serious buyers on the platform.

Happy Trading

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