Advertising Tricks to Attract Customers


There are various forms of advertisement and you are being bombarded by adverts on a daily basis. But how many of these adverts do you really see. Here are a number of methods advertisers use to get customers to open up their wallets.

Appealing to our greed and other vices- Think about car companies that suggest your friends will drool over your new shoes/heels (envy); the restaurants that promise you lots of food for your dollar (gluttony); or perfume and aftershave commercials promising irresistibility, and you start to see what he means.

Exciting our emotions- If you find yourself particularly excited or happy about a product or service, then an ad may have tapped into your emotions. That is because advertisers try to press our “core emotional buttons” which makes businesses hire advertising agencies.

    These emotional hot buttons can include:

  • Hope- A brand can play on consumers feelings of inadequacy and tap into the anticipation that they can look better, feel better, be better.
  • Trust- This is why you see so many spokespeople pushing brands. If a celebrity is – allegedly – using the product, it creates confidence and an implied sense of reliability.
  • Pleasure- We live in an age of instant gratification. Anything that can make the consumers’ life more enjoyable is an easy sell.”
  • Excitement- Act now, before it’s too late! There’s a reason ads tell you to hurry up and buy. Massive markdowns, super sales and limited availability tactics draw in consumers, play on spontaneity, impulse purchases and the thrill and rush of getting a good deal.
  • Suggesting everyone else is doing it- You wanted to be the cool kid in school, right? Of course you did. Well, advertisers know that. One of the most common ways is to make you think you are missing out by not having whatever it is they are advertising. There is a lot of psychology involved here.
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