Holiday Checklist for Your Store


The holiday season for some store owners automatically brings increased sales. It is therefore important to keep track of all your customers’ inquiries and orders. You can achieve this by keeping a checklist.

Keep Track of Important Dates/Set a Goal- Ensure to mark all major holidays on your calendar, as well as shopping dates around the world. If you have been selling on Konga for over a year, reviewing your performance last holiday season can help you plan for this year. If you are a new seller, look back to the time you started your shop- you may be able to spot a few patterns.

Take Inventory/Stock Up on Materials- Get an accurate number of the items you have currently in your store, as well as any additional items you are yet to list. If you are anticipating a need to restock your current items, begin to process this now. Keeping enough inventory on hand will help reduce stress in the event that products become unavailable or increases in price.

Optimize Your Titles, Tags, Categories and Descriptions- You should take the time out to review your listings from a shopper’s point of view. Double check that you have selected the correct category for each of your items, the images and product title are clear and descriptive, and they contain the most important information. Does it communicate everything a buyer needs to know?

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