Understanding how to build loyal customers and foster repeat businesses.

“Question: Is There Anything I Can Do To Stand Out From Other Sellers On The Konga Mall? I Have Been Selling For Some Time But My Sales Have Not Been Really Fantastic. I Want To Be The Best Merchant On Konga. Is There Anything I May Be Doing Wrong? How Can I Be Different?”

As a Seller on the Konga Mall, it is important you understand what can set you apart from other sellers and give you a good selling advantage. At Konga, we provide a level playing competitive field for merchants selling different products to reach millions of buyers and make an impact. And as a Marketplace leader, I have shared some tips I believe will help you in making lasting impressions in the minds of your buyers.

CHECK FOR NEW ORDERS ON TIME:Check for New Orders on Time: To be able to ship quickly, you need to find out about orders promptly. Once you have a new sale, you will receive an email in your SellerHQ account. However, network providers may be unreliable and mails can also be caught by spam filters. We recommend that you check for orders daily in your SellerHQ account.

SHIP ORDERS AND CONFIRM SHIPMENTS PROMPTLY: Once an order has been placed to your store, you are responsible for confirming shipment of the order after you have sent it. You can use the Sales tool in your seller account to confirm shipments.

CHECK YOUR INVENTORY REGULARLY TO AVOID SOLD-OUT SITUATIONS: Buyers who order products that end up being out of stock often leave negative feedback coupled with how this may have caused some set-back. Monitor the quantity of inventory you have in stock and update your listings in your seller account accordingly.

KEEP PRICING COMPETITIVE, FAIR AND ACCURATE: Each product page on the Konga homepage displays the lowest priced items first. Konga’s buyers are always looking out for the . So ensure your prices are fair, competitive and very accurate. Avoid inflating your prices then slashing to make it seem like it’s a deal. Konga buyers are very shrewd and can detect a foul deal when they see one.

BE AVAILABLE TO YOUR BUYERS: Not knowing the status of an order can be very frustrating to a buyer and most times, they will want to reach out directly to the merchant they are purchasing directly from.. Respond quickly to your buyers whether they are sending out a complaint or confirming their order status. Also make it easy for them to know how to reach you. Good communication helps build buyers’ trust and fosters repeat business.

BUILD A GOOD FEEDBACK RATING: Customers pay close attention to feedback that appears on a seller’s store page when making purchasing decisions. Some keys to building a good feedback rating are: accurately describing your products using compelling and powerful words, shipping orders quickly, and providing prompt, polite responses to your buyer questions. Remember, your buyers are watching.

KNOW WHERE TO GET RELEVANT ANSWERS: Our Seller Academy & Community Forum pages contain a wealth of information about the services available to you as a seller including how to measure your ratings, frequently asked questions, and so much more. And best of all, all this information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With a zest for ensuring all the wheels and bolts that run the Konga Mall is successfully rolling and working effectively, Muyiwa is the Co-Vice President of the Konga Mall and has played significant roles in ensuring the Seller HQ platform maintains its conducive selling processes and consistently serves its duty as a trusting selling platform for all its merchants. An expert at proffering viable solutions for a smooth marketplace’s operational process, he seeks to address all sellers’ queries on how to become top sellers on the Konga Mall. For more researched expert advice from Muyiwa and the rest of the mall team, you can send in your questions to

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