Understanding the use of social media in marketing your store

“Question: “I Currently Own A Store On Konga Mall But I Have A Problem Reaching Out To Many People To Patronize My Store. I Want To Boost Sales And Drive Traffic To My Konga Store But Not Sure How To Go About This. What Marketing Options Should I Consider In Order To Achieve Great Sales Result? ” Since the emergence of digital media, in particular with social media, the face of marketing has taken on a great change presenting incredible opportunity to many business owners, including online sellers. As a seller on Konga Mall, you have at your fingertips huge opportunity to market your business to millions of buyers waiting to shop from you. We have shared some ways for you to achieve this feat.

Offer Deals Frequently- We encourage our sellers to offer sales occasionally to increase visibility and encourage buyers to visit your store. To ensure buyers remain loyal to your store page, ensure you offer deals on a regular basis as this will ensure repeat visits from shoppers that have benefited from your online deals. From taking advantage of festive shopping (get 15% off for Mother’s Day, 25% off Phones for May Day, or 50% off female wears on Fall Yakata, etc) to simply offering frequent daily deals will ensure buyers are able to search directly for your store name since they are familiar with your frequent deals. .

Own Your Blog-Having a blog where you can share stories about your products and experience as an online seller is a smart way to be known as a professional seller. This will also help in promoting your online store as many sellers who are yet to establish themselves will seek out your blog to learn one or two tips on how you were able to become successful. And as you get more traffic to your blog, you can use this opportunity to redirect your readers to your Konga store to shop. For faster purchases, simply include your store link in each blog post or a link to one of your best selling and competitive product. Always ensure all blog posts are educational and informative as readers remain loyal to blogs that provide helpful tips in one or two areas. With a quality content published regularly, it will certainly aid your online store to grow exponentially.

Market Your Store on Social Media-To reach the right buyer-audience, consider aggressive marketing through your social media platforms. Social media is very important to any business seeking to reach its target audience. This will take a lot of work and commitment as you will need to post updates frequently but it is usually worth it. You can delegate someone to manage your social media accounts either for a token or for free, should they choose. Facebook & Instagram are considered the best form of marketing avenue for online sellers with varieties of products to offer. You can also use Twitter and Pinterest to redirect your audience to see what you have got to offer on Konga Mall. You can consider hosting competition via Facebook and Instagram by asking your followers to post pictures of themselves holding your products or using them in their home, depending on what you sell, to encourage interaction and help further your online reach.

Include Your Store’s URL in Signatures & Complimentary Cards-As an online seller, you will be involved in sending lots of emails to your vendors, customers, as well as newer clients. As a result, consider having a custom email signature that includes the URL to your store- {yourstorename}. Also consider from business cards to flyers and everything in between, your URL needs to be included wherever you’re marketing your business. Never leave home without something you can hand out to potential customers that has your URL on it.

As the driving force behind Konga’s huge sales conversion through Social Media, and its Mobile and App platform, our marketing team constantly puts thier skills in Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing and Mobile Marketing to good use in thier everyday activities of ensuring Konga remains visible and interactive on all social media platforms.  For more expert advice from the digital marketing team, you can send in your questions to


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