Minimize unwanted effects on your clothing items and learn how to get sharper product images.

“Question – I Sell Clothing And Have Learned That In Order To Get True Dark Colors To Come Out Quite Attractive, I Have To Use Minimal Light To Enable Me Refine The Color To Its Very Natural Dark Color. What I Cannot Figure Out Is How To Get Corduroys And Other Moving Patterns Such As Stripes, Checked Clothes Etc., To Photograph Without Getting Them Looking Wavy. What Can I Do?”

When it comes to photographing clothing for selling online, there are a number of refinements you can make to avoid “waving” and other problems that makes the images come out rather unappealing.

KNOW YOUR HISTOGRAM: If you take your products photos yourself, you will need to be familiar with the set-up of your camera. First, make sure the camera is exposing the image correctly when you take the picture. To do that, learn how to read the histogram. Every image your camera produces has one. The histogram reviews are usually off by default. The information is there, just not being displayed on the LCD monitor when you review the photo. Refer to your user’s manual to turn it on so you can see it after each shot. What you are aiming for is an even graph across the whole spectrum, from right to left. The histograms are very easy to read once you get the hang of it and you can take quality shots of your products without any external assistance. They can make a big difference in how the end photo looks. For product photography, it is essential to learn how to use the histogram readings. For more information about histograms, you can read more from the Digital Photography School and the Digital Camera World.

MINIMIZE SHADOWS: Shadows could be causing the waving effect you refer to. To cure that, you need to remove or move the shadows. That is done by adjusting the lighting. What you need to do is to create a soft, diffused light. Think of how a cloudy day softens or eliminates the shadows. That’s what you need to do in your studio—you need to create a cloudy day. The first step in achieving this is to turn off the flash on your camera so there are no light shadows at the background.

SOFTEN YOUR APPROACH: Once you turn off the flash, you may need to add more light to expose the image correctly. Professionals use “soft boxes.” These are lights on stands that are covered in a very thin white nylon material. Light coming through the translucent material is softened (like light through clouds) and when it falls on the clothes, it minimizes the shadows. You can invest in these set of lights to enable you produce quality images for your online store as your products are the engine of your online business. Your ability to represent and capture your products with beautiful images will invariably increase your sales performance.

EDIT TO BRING OUT THE BEST: Finally, as you know, photo editing software is your friend and we have shared some useful ones such as PicResize that enables you to resize your images in the same ratio, and is also useful for cropping,FotoFuze that enables you to enhance the image background and can change the background of items to clear white,PhotoCat which helps you to increase image resolution as well as enhance with effects and re-sizing and Fotor can help in recreating your image from scratch and edit to suit your taste and satisfaction.

Culled from The Online Seller post on Photography Clothing For Online Selling 

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