Marketing Techniques

Most store owners are looking to create awareness about their stores but worried about the cost of running advertising, there are a number of effective ways to promote your business that won’t break the bank.

Here are a few marketing techniques you can use to promote exposure for your store and expect positive results. All you need is a little imagination and determination to make them work for you.

Social Media:
These days you can’t have a discussion about e-commerce without mentioning social media. Start by creating a business page on facebook and instagram today, also open a twitter account under the name of your store or selling ID, put up links to product pages and even images on these media outlets, invite your customers and visitors to check out new your store. If you have been using your personal social accounts to promote your business, stop now. You should have a distinct social media identity for your online business so your personal messages don’t distract from your marketing efforts.Use social networking sites to build and promote a community around your business. Talk to customers, share information you think they’d be interested in (particularly, as it relates to your products), and encourage customers to join the conversation.Then, occasionally, mention your products or a sale you’re having. While you should never be too aggressive in marketing your products via social networking, it’s OK to share listings or mention specials once in a while.

Visit Blogs:
Blogging is one of the best marketing techniques to increase buyer traffic to your product listings, and get your name out there as an expert in your niche or area of business. It is best if you blog about topics that would interest the people you want to buy from you. Start by commenting on other blogs but only on related topics/threads, for example if your store sells apparels you can try Bella Naija where you know the topics are mostly fashion related. Carefully weave relevant keyword search terms into your blog posts. So, now you’ve got a blog, how do you get people to come read it? Here’s where social networking can be a big help—share your latest blog post with your community and pose a question to get a discussion going. Commenting on blogs will help find readers outside your usual social sphere.

Link up:
One of the easiest ways to lead buyers to your site is to leave a trail of bread crumbs. Just as commenting on others’ blogs can help drive traffic to yours, participating in online forums, social networking groups, industry associations and other online communities can help you build your reputation as a merchant while allowing you to spread your store name and URL. Once you’ve established relationships within these communities, offer to share links with other site owners whose products or blogs are complementary to your online business. Not only does this create a referral network to help bring new business to your store, but it can boost your search engine standing.

Advert Pages:
Take advantage of offered advertising opportunities to get out word about the kind of products your store offers. An example of such offers is done by Konga mall, they offer their merchants an opportunity to advertise on their website via advert banners. There are different banners available and you can pick based on your budget. These banners run for a specific period and will give your store the much needed push you may have been searching for.

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