Methods to Improve Your Online Credibility

With the invention of the internet in the recent times, words can travel fast and wide quickly regarding any business or product, and this will influence different people from around the world in mere seconds. With the fast rising power of technology and its effect on online shoppers, your store’s reputation could be boosted or destroyed within a few seconds.

With social media sites, community forums, and blogs, it is highly likely your store or products can become a topic of discussion. To help you keep the conversation positive-and improve the public outlook of your store- here are some strategies you can put to use.

Be Alert
Firstly you need to determine if there is already chatter about your store. You have to find out what’s being said about your store and products, how you might get involved I the conversation and if there are any issues you need to address quickly. To alert you of comments or conversation about your business, you can start with easy to use tools like twitter search and google Alerts. They will alert you whenever your store’s name or keywords you specify are mentioned. Alerts give you an opportunity to know who’s talking about your store and what they’re saying. You might learn a new product you put up is doing greatly or discover there’s a dissatisfied customer airing a grievance out there. That way you could easily contact him or her, rectify the situation, and keep bad word from spreading.

Be Pro-Social
With your alerts established, your next move is to take action. Get to the top social sites and create a presence for your store. This way, you can initiate and manage information about your products. You’ll want to go to

  • Facebook: It’s still the front-runner in the social landscape, and most businesses have seen the value of gaining easy and immediate reach to customers, and their friends. Share new products or services, and keep an open line to customers to field their questions or complaints.
  • Twitter: Start your own Twitter feed to let folks know what’s going on today with your store. Give them privileged insight into recent developments, upcoming releases, and promotional offers and incentives. Keep the feed going daily to keep your followers engaged.
  • LinkedIn:Professional relationships with others are important. Connect with contractors, vendors, suppliers, big clients and more. LinkedIn can put you in touch with the professionals you need to maintain, improve, and grow your store.

Don’t wait to see if someone else starts a social presence for your business. Take charge of your reputation and create your own presence at these key social sites.

Emphasize on the positives
While you need to respond to any buyers’ complaints or criticisms, also be on the watch for positive buyers’ comments. These are the mentions that let you know what you’re doing well, and you need to let those buyers know their efforts to post such good feedbacks are appreciated. Respond with thanks in the social places and look for any opportunity to make direct contact. Ask if you can post buyers’ comments as testimony for other potential buyers to see. When you do well, buyers will often let it be known. When they take the time to do so, you should thank them for their support.

(Culled from The Online Seller Post, Strategies to Improve Your Online Reputation)

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