A Marketer turned Customer Conscious Fashionista – How it all Began

I Have Never Been Happier Selling On Konga
“A business line dedicated to the pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and trendy awareness, Oluwakemi leverages the strength of e-commerce to expand her clothing and jewellery network and is consistently smiling to the bank while ensuring optimum customer experience”

With a career that started in Sales and Marketing with Ouch Couture, Oluwakemi no doubt already had the boldness and sales enthusiasm every young graduate looking to go into entrepreneurship should possess. However this did not deter her from pitching her career tent briefly with Etisalat as a Customer Care Executive as she was well aware that the key to a profitable sales business is knowing how to treat the kings of the business- the customer. And armed with these two relevant experience that will go a long way in making her business a renowned success, she founded her own company- Kellyzolae Shopping, where she doubles as the CEO as well as the Social Media Officer attending to all her customers’ complaints and feedback.

Kellyzolae-Shopping has been in existence since 2009 however, as she was selling directly to family and friends.

“It all started back in my University days when I use to be a crazy Fashionista. When my mum is going on Vacation to the UK, I advise her to buy lovely wears which I will sell to my friends in school. This has been a passion which made me take a bold step by registering the Business in 2009 while rounding up my NYSC”. Oluwakemi stated proudly.
“I presently have 2 staff assisting as I still need to combine work and business together.” She explained.

With her making many sales in the engagement rings category, she had to ensure she combated the initial challenge of ring sizing where her customers are concerned. So to ensure there are no issues with customers returning her items due to wrong size, she smartly improvised.
“I implemented my Customer service skills by contacting customers to confirm the sizes before the ring is been dropped off.” She mentioned.

Explaining her experience with Konga Mall, she says,
“Kellyzolae Shopping has always been on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM etc. But the sales we have made since joining Konga Mall has been so excellent and huge and saves us the stress of advertising and so on. It was a right decision and achievement we have made within the last 3 months as we were able to earn a 5star”.

Her major category focus has been on engagement rings and female apparels which is always on demand across all seasons in the country and has seen her making as much as 160+ premium sales since she joined the Konga Mall in June of 2014.

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