Becoming an Employer – The Birth of Intimate Pleasures


I Have Never Been Happier Selling On Konga
“E-commerce not only helped Iheoma grow her business and reach out to millions of customers, but also gave her store a chance to improve the sexual health and well-being of millions of couples around the nation!”

Unlike many entrepreneurs, Iheoma didn’t grow up with a blinding passion to deal with intimacy and sexual problems of all those around her, neither did she actually imagine owning her own store and being able to reach millions of buyers beyond all she thought possible. Her first job surprisingly was a far cry from what she currently sells on the Konga Mall. According to her, “my first job was for the UK Charity War on Want as an Intern working in the communications department and part of the team raising money for the Bangladesh flood appeals of 1988. Decades ago. I was there for twenty four months and in that time worked on several high profile international development campaigns. By the time I graduated it was time for me to do something else and I went to work in the Gambia for the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies. I never really left jobs as such because the international development sector is a small community and as such, moving on is just changing one for the other”.

However, her journey into the world of sexual intimacy was more or less like a surprise walk-in. “I always say this business found me rather than the other way round”. She said. “After several years working in international development, serving communities and attempting to solve their issues, I developed new soft skills in counselling, listening, thinking outside the box and generally being that one person everyone comes to if they have sexual health issues to discuss”.

With this newly founded skills she had gained, she knew deep down that there was an opportunity for her to develop this business idea and map out a financial plan. And even though she has been in this business for a very long time, she only decided to give it a serious push within the last four years.

And with a focused and unbending resolve, she literally put all her mind, and well, a lot of financial backing to birthing her store online with Konga Mall -Intimate Pleasures . And today, she can lay boast of having made over 200 sales since joining the Konga Mall few months back.

Catching up with the exhilarated Konga Mall Intimate Products seller, she had this to say, “My best experience with Konga Mall is being able to say we have customers all over Nigeria including Zamfara State, and even as far as Enugu State. Everybody now knows about us and how we provide original products and not fake Chinese intimate pleasure items.

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