From a Graphic Designer Employee to an Entrepreneur – His journey so far

I Have Never Been Happier Selling On Konga
“In 2009 I saw a problem that I solved for myself and decided to turn it into a business so other people could benefit from it as well. I needed a good laptop at a reasonable price and there was a challenge of getting reliable equipment here in Nigeria at affordable prices at that time so I discussed with a cousin in USA and we were able to buy one online and ship down to Nigeria at a reasonable price”

With a solid experience spanning six years as a graphic designer, one would think Odunlami would be comfortable working for a company that was not his since all he had to do was design. However, the burning determination of an entrepreneur cannot be subdued as Odunlami became bored and restless after dedicating such number of years for that line of career.

“I resigned from there after almost 6 years because I got bored and restless”. He stated matter of fact.
However, his entrepreneurial side came calling almost a year before he resigned and like the determined seller he was to become, he gave in and was already flourishing his business by the side, albeit in a small manner before putting in his resignation letter.

That decision backed by enough resources and manual input birthed his business – O & O Gadgets.
“We decided to put down some money from our savings and started stocking a few gadgets and accessories that were rare to find at affordable prices and found out there was a market for such especially when buyers could be assured of the quality. Later on, we opened up our business to help people buy all sorts of reliable and affordable products from USA and UK and hence became a shopping concierge service”. Oladimeji proudly proclaims.

Since Oladimeji made that smart decision to become an employer rather than an employee, his business has boasted of purchasing and selling thousands of products to various clients requiring authentic items ranging from personal goods, household goods to business goods.
“We have grown very fond of our gadget shop also, hence the reason we still maintain O & O Gadgets to sell reliable and affordable products. When we see good products that people need at affordable prices, we take steps to make them available through our gadget shop”. He further explained.

Sharing his Mall experience, he said “products that we successfully place offers for usually sell out in a few days on the Konga Mall. We have generated more sales for O & O Gadgets through Konga Marketplace and we have been able to reach more clients in other parts of the country than we were able to reach before”. The proud entrepreneur further shared excitedly.
Since joining the Mall in April of 2014, he has recorded sales of over 450+ orders while his most selling category remains his computer accessories collection and with excellent customer service which his buyers confirm to be top notch, the sky is definitely the beginning for Oladimeji’s business as he also confirmed that “the experience has been worthwhile”.

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