From the Banking Hall to being a KidPreneur – How It All Began


I Have Never Been Happier Selling On Konga
“Delightful Toyshop has been in business for 5years. My husband and I didn’t want to have a 2nd Birthday Party for our daughter but decided to have a competition on who could get her the best gift for a 2year old”

With a career that started in the Banking industry and having climbed and risen through the corporate ladder at a rather fast pace, Omotola was quite certain of her competence and ability in managing her own business when and if she chooses to venture into one. This realization didn’t stop her from maintaining her high performance work ethics as she was consistently recognized and promoted for her sheer hard work.

After many years of dedication and good work ethics and having contributed her quota to the banking industry for over 10 years, Omotola knew it was time to move on and put to good use her marketing and operational experience by pursuing a long overdue passion that would be beneficial to children.

And with the challenge set up, they both went in search all over the major stores in Lagos. But to their dismay, after combing through top stores for the appropriate gift for their adorable daughter, they couldn’t find anything of value.
“98% of what we saw were all inferior quality items or products that were not age appropriate for a 2 years old. I eventually saw a store that sold toys, clothing, baby items and all other stuff with a few American Trikes for sale. This was just perfect. I loved this trike a lot and it was actually so durable that all my 3 kids used it when they were in the same age bracket”. Omotola said.

And having won the gift challenge, the lack of quality toys for kids opened Omotola’s eyes to the gap in the market for quality kids’ products that parents direly would love to get their hands on.

Delightful Toyshop was birthed in August 2009 and Omotola agreed it has been worthwhile and being on the Konga mall has further enabled her reach out to lots of customers wanting quality products for their kids.
“It’s been nice doing business with Konga. The customer service is lovely and even, some of the other sellers that I got acquainted with were extremely willing to guide me through any query and assistance that I may need”.

Delightful Toyshop is strictly focused in selling quality items for kids ranging from toys to clothing and other essential quality items for children and Omotola’s consistency in delivering quality products as promised has catapulted her store into generating as much as 400+ sales orders since she joined the Konga Mall in July of 2014.

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