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I Have Never Been Happier Selling On Konga
“As an SME Business Coach and founder of Smallstarter Africa, our platform shares lucrative businesses ideas, inspiring success stories and practical business advice for people who want to start, or already run their own business.”


From an associate in the Business Consultancy practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to the CEO of Smallstarter Africa, John-Paul Iwuoha has always worked with entrepreneurs and investors to startup and grow businesses on the African continent.

John now uses his expertise and experience in the SME business space to help others. He has been doing this for three years now. He joined Konga in November 2015 in the books category and has since carried out successful sales. He has the following to say on his success on Konga Mall

“The book, ‘101 Ways To Make Money in Africa’ is co-authored by Dr. Harnet Bokrezion and myself. The book has been sold in about 35 countries within and outside Africa, and we decided to release the hardcover version of the book in Nigeria in late November 2015. Since coming onboard, we have successfully sold over 120 copies of the book via Konga Mall, worth nearly NGN 400,000 in revenues. And all of this happened in less than three (3) weeks after our book went live.”
On the strategy used to acquire sales and repeat customers for his store, he says:
“The key to our successful sales is a robust social media marketing strategy. We launched a series of ‘highly-targeted’ and effective campaigns on Facebook and Instagram which were responsible for the traffic to our store on Konga Mall. I have found that social media can be a very valuable tool for lead generation”.

From John’s experienced view, with an effective campaign on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram which have a very large Nigerian audience many merchants’ stores with zero or very low sales can easily be changed.

John’s words of advice to other sellers are: “These social media platforms provide a low-cost but highly effective channel to reach potential customers, interact with them and educate them on the value of your product. Konga is the new and revolutionary way to sell products in Nigeria. If it worked for our book, I have no doubt it can do wonders for you too!”


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