The need for me to think outside my cubicle arose. And today by God’s grace MIKI ENT SOLUTIONS became a reality. ”


I Have Never Been Happier Selling On Konga
“My Job is ok. No matter how small the salary might be, I am still grateful. But then it brought about more responsibilities for me to cater to which the salary could not mitigate. And so the need for me to think outside my cubicle arose. And today by God’s grace MIKI ENT SOLUTIONS became a reality. ”

Michael, is a young man with a good job. Unfortunately, it was becoming harder to sustain himself and meet up with his other increasing responsibilities. His 9-5 job just wasn’t cutting it any longer. One day, while running an errand for his boss, he stumbled across a brilliant business idea. Read On

Michael’s boss at his office tasked him with the errand of getting him a 32GB flash drive. Unlike other days, the sun was extremely hot. It wasn’t going to be easy running this errand in such conditions, but he was a dedicated worker. He searched for hours, going from one store and kiosk to another, frantically trying to locate the exact flash drive his boss needed.

Finally, after much trekking he came across a 32GB flash for the amount of N5000. He was ecstatic and completely pleased with his purchase up until a friend of his, who sold related items to the flash drive informed him he could purchase same product with same quality at the rate of N3500. This got Michael thinking.
“Immediately, I did the math. A whooping N1500 as proceed on just one product!”

According to Michael, the proceeds were almost equivalent to a day’s salary where he works.

He was so excited. He immediately started planning on ways he could set up an avenue to buy these item and sell them to people who have a tough time locating them. He decided he was going to start up with something little- he would sell within friends both at home and at the office.
“Little by little, it all began to make sense. And for more than 2 years now. By God’s grace, it is still making sense.”

Since Michael started his buying and selling business, he has recorded hundreds of sales from the smallest flash drive to the wireless card headphone subwoofer, which is now his best selling product. He has this to say:

I joined Konga over a year ago. It has been awesome so far, selling my products conveniently to buyers nationwide. I never imagined I would be able to achieve so much sales within a very short time. But Konga made it all so easy and accessible. In addition I have learnt a lot about e-commerce from the Seller Academy and the Mail broadcast. To the Konga team, THUMBS UP!

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