9 Oaths Konga Sellers Should Live By


I Shall Not Upload Inferior Quality Images

With thousands of products waiting to grab customer attention online, product image quality is of paramount importance in ensuring consumer preference for your brand over your next biggest competitor.

I Shall Ensure My Product Title & Descriptions Are Accurate

One of the major contribution to returns is inaccurate product information. Anything from a wrongly spelt brand name to an improper mention of a key product descriptor can end up resulting in huge returns thereby impacting seller ratings.

I Shall Ensure Adequate Inventory Across Listings

Lack of inventory leads to potential loss of sales for a seller. This also leads to poor marketplace reputation while yielding sales to competition.

I Shall Keep Researching & Adding New Products

Researching and adding new products consistently ensures the interest of your customers. It also contributes to the merchant’s profits.

I Shall Analyze Competitor Prices Daily.

Price is a great weapon to leverage on. It has the potential to deliver immediate results compared to other elements in online marketing.

I Shall Not Cancel Orders & Will Ship On Time.

Konga Mall does not take kindly to sellers who cancel customer orders. This always leads to poor customer experience and bad word of mouth. Majority of the times sellers end up cancelling orders is because of insufficient inventory. This is why it is important you list your inventory adequately.

I Shall Participate In Marketplace Sponsored Promotions

Konga Mall run promotions regularly and constantly encourage sellers to participate in them. This is a great way to attract customers to shop on the platform. For sellers this not an opportunity to be missed.

I Shall Respond To All Customer Queries On Time

Konga like all marketplace demand a high degree of customer centricity from their sellers and are quick to penalize or downgrade their sellers’ ratings if found wanting in their responsiveness to their customer queries or complaints.

I Shall Sell Only Authorized, Authentic and Quality Products

Fakes, counterfeits, substandard products continue to flood online marketplaces especially in diverse categories such as fashion, electronics, toys, personal care etc. This has resulted in making shopping online an activity fraught with fear, especially for consumers taking a leap of faith & demonstrating willingness to shop online. Buyers should be comfortable placing an order online because they know the exact product (both in description and quality) will be delivered.


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