Monthly Membership Fee: How To Subscribe for a Plan


The monthly subscription fee is now active. Please note that you will be required to subscribe to a Monthly Subscription plan is due on your anniversary date, this means the exact date your store was created. If your store was created on the 7th of April, it means you will be required to renew your subscription on the 7th of the next month. Your next subscription will be due 30 days after previous subscription.

You will be given a “5 day period of grace” after which your products will no longer be live on site for buyers to purchase until you subscribe to a plan.

You will receive a notification on your SHQ dashboard once your subscription payment is due.

Below are the steps for subscription:

STEP 1- Log  into your SHQ dashboard







STEP 3- Click the SUBSCRIPTION TAB and click on “UPDATE PLAN”



STEP 4- Select a plan



STEP 5- Choose a Payment Option



Payment can be made using KongaPay or a Debit card.

For KongaPay users,

1) Select the KongaPay option

2) Enter your KongaPay PIN and verification code(One Time Password from your Bank)  and click the “PAY NOW” button

3)Merchant gets notified of successful payment

Thank you as you subscribe to a plan today and choosing to continue to sell on Konga.

Please reach out to for any clarification.

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