Valentine’s Day Fever: How to Make Your Buyers Fall in Love


Valentine’s Day is the season of love, and the perfect time your buyers will want to show affection to their loved ones with a thoughtful gift.

To get you prepared for this love season’s sale,  here are some tips:

Fulfilment by Konga (FBK)–  This is simply the best and most efficient way to ensure your lovey dovey customers get their gifts and give to their recipients just in the knick of time.

Hawk-Like Inventory Monitoring- Like the proverbial mother hen that watches over her little ones every second, you need to do the same for your inventory. Ensure what you have in your physical inventory is the same as your online store to avoid cancellations. A cancelled order=disappointed buyer.

Early Savings- By now, you should have an idea of what Valentine’s best sellers are, and you should have them in stock by now. Also negotiate good deals with your suppliers so you can wow your customers with great prices too.

Valentine Bundles– Customers are convinced that buying two(2) or more items at the supposed cost of one(1)  increase the value of the purchase; therefore you should consider bundling your items. Some examples of valentine bundles include:

                    Teddy bear + Wristwatch + Lingerie

                    Shaving Set + Head Set +  Wine

                    Phone + Cologne + Chocolate

Self Fulfilling? – Be prepared to ship ALL orders during this period. Identify the closest drop off center to you so you can drop orders as they are being made.  

Fast-selling/Top Selling Valentine Products: Jewelry, perfumes, flowers, chocolates, beauty products, romantic books and movies, lingerie and intimate apparels (For Women) and colognes, watches, grooming supplies, clothing, sporting goods, and techy gadgets (for Men).



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