4 Ways to Remain Arbitration Free


A major contributing factor to orders being moved to arbitration status is due to wrong product delivered different from what customer ordered as shown on the website.  

Shopping online means sacrificing the ability to see, touch and try an item in exchange for other advantages, such as convenience,  a better price or availability of a certain product customer wants. However, the idea that a product purchased online might not be as imagined or advertised occasionally crosses the mind of the online customer.

An arbitration or dispute case occurs when a customer calls Konga help line to report or complain about an item delivered having a defect or being different from what was advertised or expected. Pending the verification of customer’s claims, the order will be put on the arbitration/queue.

Below are steps to take to prevent having arbitration or dispute issues regarding your delivered orders:

USE OF AN EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND DESCRIPTION:  Many gadgets and equipment sold on Konga Mall come in foreign descriptions and specification exactly as downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. While this is not entirely inaccurate, as a seller, you need to tailor your products description to your current market to reduce the possibility of return as this is a top contributing factor to returns. To reduce your customers from returning items, tailor your description to the Nigerian market and use words and slangs that are synonymous to the product being sold and which they will be more familiar with. Break down the number/size/color and possible width of item they should expect within your description bucket. That way, you tie all the loose ends that may affect a successful sale. For high value items, once the order has been placed, contact your customer and clearly explain the specifications and uses of the item you are shipping as well as the size. That way, you are certain they have ordered what they exactly want and won’t get to change their minds after a successful delivery.

CUSTOMIZE AN HOW-TO GUIDE FOR GADGETS & OTHER COMPLICATED PRODUCTS:  If you are introducing a new product into the market or an item that requires thorough knowledge and setup before use, we encourage you to include a customized manual created by you for your buyers. This should be different from the foreign manual that comes with imported products as many customers rarely understand the foreign manuals. If you are however unwilling to include a personalized manual in cases where you are yet to use the product(s) personally, ensure gadgets/equipment and other high value items come with their original manual. You can also include this within your description so buyers are aware the product comes with a manual.

REACH OUT TO YOUR BUYER AS SOON AS DELIVERY IS CONFIRMED: Many buyers admitted that they would have preferred to resolve a reported dispute issue directly with a seller but are usually unable to either reach the seller or the seller is unwilling to offer a suitable resolution. A high percentage of buyers also admitted they will prefer a replacement to a refund. As a seller, you can prevent an arbitration case by keeping in touch with your buyers and having them contact you if they experience any immediate issue when setting up an item or at the first usage. While some buyers may not be forthcoming, several buyers will gladly channel any complaint they have directly to a seller than contact Konga Mall. Once a buyer is assured you are available to manage any arising issue from the product purchased, they are more open to YOUR resolution offer. All they request is your availability and excellent post sale service.

As it has been made mandatory by the Consumer Protection Council(CPC) that all online products must come with a 7days return policy, it is important that Konga and its sellers remain available to manage purchase issues even right after payment has been received from a buyer.

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