KOS Deliveries Corporate Clients Service


As an existing Konga partner, you will be entitled to the “KOS Deliveries Corporate Clients” service without having to pay the walk-in corporate client’s sign-up fee of N25,000.

KOS Deliveries has an approved credit limit of N25,000 for all sellers upon sign up. This means existing sellers are able to generate waybills worth up to N25,000 in their “corporate clients” shipping account.

Below are KOS Deliveries service benefits;

  • You can ship all your packages generated via other e-commerce platforms, and not Konga items only.
  • Corporate clients have access to a personal dashboard that can be used to manage and track their shipments – MY KOS
  • Corporate clients are able to print waybills from their offices/desk so that they do not have to wait for long at the KOS locations
  • Corporate clients can ship using their own personalised packages.

For further sign-up information or any other inquiries about KOS non-Konga shipment, you can contact us at enquiries@kos.ng

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