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Since 2015, KongaPay has been improving the payment processes to reduce returns, cancellations and unwelcome complications associated with pay on delivery.

KongaPay has been built to help you save more money as you get 5% on all transactions you carry out using KongaPay. These transactions include services like Airtime, DSTV, GoTV, Smile Subscriptions, Swift Subscriptions, etc.

We are also working on an Agency network to help you earn more commissions if you choose to re-sell any KongaPay services.


Register today here >> https://www.kongapay.com/register

Download App here >> https://www.kongapay.com/download


Registering on KongaPay enables you receive your sales proceeds way faster and registration is absolutely free!


For more information, please send an email to bizdev@kongapay.com



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