Good Knowledge Of Your Product

Get to know as much as you can about the products you offer. The weight, size, various ways the product can be used. When you have 100% information on your products, you can offer money back guarantee. Which is also a great incentive for buyer..

Package Professionally

No buyer would like to receive their order in a battered worn-out box. Ensure you take the time to pack your sales carefully. Invest in bubble wraps, branded nylons, cartons e.t.c. Many of these supplies can be sourced from local gift shops. R..

Have A Return Policy

When you offer money back guarantee on everything you sell, this will dramatically increase your sales. Even unhappy customers rarely go through the trouble of sending something back. The increase in sales will cover up for the cost involved i..

Master Your Niche

As a seller looking to make a difference, you must be able to define your market. This will help you understand your target buyers and the types of products to market to them, this move will certainly put you ahead of your competitors on the m..