Write Complete Item Descriptions

Make your item description as complete as possible. Include all relevant details: size, weight, available color, long usage requirements, any shortcomings that may arise due to poor use, etc. Something you think isn’t important could act..

Experiment For Success

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Just be careful that you don’t throw a lot of money into something that isn’t yet proven. Try new products, new categories, new sources, new titles, and so on. The Konga Mall is the large..

Choosing The Appropriate Category

You have put a lot of thought into your product and completed the introspective phase of getting started. You are excited about your merchandise and ready to start selling it. The next step is to find your niche market: this refers to the cate..

Turn Your Inventory Often

How many times you can turn your inventory over is the key to making high profits. Too many sellers get stuck with something that won’t sell at a profit and they keep relisting and relisting until some day it eventually sells. In the mea..

Getting It Right

Whether you operate solely online or simply wish to add another dimension to your business, it is imperative you get it right. Buying and selling online was once reserved for the tech savvy, but it’s now expected by customers and therefore a..